How to Avoid Hustle Culture

How to Avoid Hustle Culture

Hustle culture is 'hustling' so much in your work, that you are left with little to no time for other things in life.

Look, I'm in enneagram 3; I LOVE working. But, it's not healthy to only work. Sometimes overworking is self-sabotage, especially if you're a business owner, but other times it's your workplace culture.

Below are ways I avoid hustle culture in both forms (through my side hustles, and through my 9-5 office job)!

 Avoiding Hustle Culture as a Business Owner:


Making a schedule and sticking to it | (That includes scheduling breaks!)

Limit your social media consumption when you need to get things done | It's SO easy to get sidetracked. Get your orders packed, emails scheduled, and posts made BEFORE you start a new task. Social media can be really inspiring and I, myself, overload my brain with more ideas and tasks when I go on it for too long.

It's so hard to stop working when you're on a roll because no one is telling you when to stop working. This is great for creatives who get ideas randomly at all hours of the day; but it's not realistic to work like this all of the time. I've noticed some of my burn out even comes from not taking breaks and being on social media unintentionally. Setting a schedule with breaks and putting my phone away from me is the recipe for a successful day.

Avoiding Hustle Culture as a 9-5er

Say no | If you can't get something done within your schedule, tell them a realistic finish date or that you aren't able to complete the request in that time-frame.

Get up! | Walk around, take mini breaks, talk to others. Don't be glued to your chair! Sometimes I go in a different room, away from my desk, to get a change of scenery. 

You really have to think about your well-being when you work in the office. I'm a people pleaser so sometimes I get nervous about unnecessary things! Learn what your capacity and say no when you're too busy, use your whole break, and step away from the computer whenever you need! Doing these things doesn't make you lazy or unaccomplished, but they're necessary to give your brain a break.

I hope these tips help you avoid hustle culture; try practicing them! Please comment below what things help you avoid hustle culture🐍

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