Romanticizing Your Life

Romanticizing Your Life

What is romanticization? 

Well, Google describes it as, "Deal with or describe in an idealized or unrealistic fashion; make (something) seem better or more appealing than it really is."

This kind of sounds negative; but I'm talking about using it in a positive way.

Indy Blue posted this on her story the other day and I think this encapsulates what romanticizing your life means,

We get so used to the life we're living that we forget how special the 'small things' really are. 

Here's a list of little things I look forward to each day:

  • Making my coffee in my favorite cup
  • Wearing the outfit I planned out
  • Listening to my favorite podcast
  • Making my cute to do list with my cute highlighters
  • Having a yummy lunch
  • Watching my favorite YouTubers or Netflix shows
  • Reading more of the book I'm loving at the moment

There are more I'm surely forgetting, but these are just the simple things every day that bring me joy. Recognizing that and making them a bigger deal than they really are actually causes you to be happier. This is extremely important if you have a very monotonous daily routine. Looking forward to 1 thing on the weekend will waste your potential joy for 7 days out of the week. I encourage you to find something in your daily life that you could improve, to make you enjoy it more.

Sometimes it is a materialistic choice; like investing in better quality jeans that actually fit, that you feel good in. Or making your drink of the day be pop and vanilla syrup with ice and lime in your new Stanley cup (much more exciting than cracking open a can).

Something that helps me romanticize daily tasks that isn't a materialistic motivator is setting goals and plans. Lately I've really enjoyed waking up at 6:30 AM instead of 8:00 AM because I can listen to music, do skincare, and not rush. Ultimately, promising myself to wake up earlier is really what's making me motivated; not necessarily the fact that I can listen to music before work. Promising yourself something can help you romanticize that task. Another great examples of this is 'hot girl walks.' It's literally just walking; but 'hot girl walks' sounds much better, right?

Please share ways you romanticize the seemingly mundane events of your daily life with me on Instagram and TikTok! I hope this helps you get out of a rut or inspire something new.

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