Skylar Grace Co. 2.0

Skylar Grace Co. 2.0

A Unique Perspective

My Story

I have been a creator since I can remember. I've also been right-brained to the max (therefore I suck at math). In high school I started videography through the form of short film and weddings. I went to college for PR and Digital Cinema, and through this journey, I found my love for branding and graphic design. In 2020, I had to pause my wedding videography business due to-- well you know why. I started Skylar Grace Co. in April 2020 using my design passion.

Returning to college in 2021, because of Skylar Grace Co., I received an amazing opportunity to freelance for a startup company that I still work for today; (s/o to Nicole, I owe you everything). I got more freelancing opportunities, continued to grow my videography business when it was safe again, all while running Skylar Grace Co.

May 2022, I graduated college.

I had lived the work from home life through my businesses and KNEW I needed an in-person job.

I now work at the best company ever in Denver, Colorado and continue working on all my ventures mentioned thus far.

Wow, Skylar, good for you.

I don't write this to toot my own horn; in fact, I'm very hard on myself. I explain this to tell you the inspiration behind Skylar Grace Co. I've learned SO much through running a business before 2020, starting one during 2020, and now working in a completely different corporate world.

I'm here to mesh my different passions and experiences in different ventures and environments to help inspire you through this creative outlet known as Skylar Grace Co.

I am going to provide value to you and your way of thinking about life, all while also creating fun products to show that off.

Skylar Grace Co. is about me and YOU.

My Audience

Business Owners

Whether you own a yoga studio, have a photography business, sell apparel on Shopify, or are in your content creator era-- we all have something in common.

Work from homers

Lack of self motivation got you down? I know how it is.

Doers & Dreamers

Just because you work 9-5 doesn't mean you can't enjoy today. Mondays are cool too.

My Goals

1. Build a stronger community of like-minded people with different lifestyles

2. Have well rounded apparel launches in the form of collections

3. Be raw and real; no more posting product photos and calling it a day

The Future

I look forward to putting intention behind everything I do for this business. I'm excited to share valuable information and to connect with you all, more!

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